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By toxic13d » 4 months ago

MinedroidPvP Forum Rules

These rules will be enforced at all times by staff members. Please note that we have a right to change this document; so make sure to check back here frequently. If you have any questions on a rule, please ask a staff member.

Having a total of 5 warning points in one month will result as a forum ban.
  • Double posting. [Posting directly after your message; use the edit tool.] [Thread Lock & 1 Warning Point]
  • Necroposting [Posting on a thread that has not had a reply within 14 days.] [Thread Lock & 1 Warning Point.]
  • Making a pointless thread. [Thread Lock]
  • Post Boosting [Making a post that's irrelevant or with repeated information and trying to increase your post count.] [Thread Lock & 1 Warning Point.]
  • Disrespect [Thread Lock & 1 Warning Point.]
  • Plagarism [Claiming someone else's work as your own.] [Thread Lock & 2 Warning Points.]
  • Advertisement [Thread Archive & 3 Warning Points.]
  • Making spam posts [Thread Lock & Instant Ban]
  • Posting pornographic or other NSFW content. [Thread Archive & Instant Ban]