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IGN: toxic13d
By toxic13d » 4 months ago

Forums Reset

We do apologise for the inconvenience, however we had to convert back to our old version of the forums since the version that we were not using didn't have the required features that we needed and resulted of being a long term issue. We were not expecting an entire forums reset, an issue occurred where our site ended up getting deleted and we had to re-create it.

We will not be going back onto the other version of the forums until we feel that there are enough features for us to stay in the long run. Although, it looked much better and had a nicer feel to it, we wIll switch back to that version when we feel that it has enough features as it wasn't very good in terms of management. We are still setting up these forums, so please do be patient with us. 

On on a side note, you can apply for Helper at

Kind Regards,
~ toxic13d ~
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