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By toxic13d » 4 months ago

Welcome to the Reports section!
This topic will cover everything that you will need to know when you are reporting players on MinedroidPvP. Make sure that you read this thoroughly as it will increase your chances of your report being accepted and will give you some information and guidelines on making them.
This document will include the following:
  • The Reports Format
  • Rules & Requirements
  • How to make a report efficiently.
  • Viewing the report.
  • Average waiting time.

  • This format applies to in-game reporting:
This is the report format is you are wanting to report players for an in-game offense, please note that that you need to make sure that the rule is a rule and it has not been removed, or changed. You can look at the rules here. When it asks for a "Player" or a "Discord Name" please do not put your name, put the players name that you are reporting, not anyone else's.

  • Regarding Forum Reports:
Forum Reports actually work slightly differently to in-game reports, and you do not report them in the reports section. Instead, you click on the report button that is shown on a players post. This is what it looks like:

Once you have clicked the Report Button you will get a screen that lets you input a Report Reason. The reason we are using this system is because it directly sends the content to a Moderator's or above dashboard, and then they can deal with the report quickly. In the Report Reason, simply explain what they did wrong then we can get to the punishment quicker. 
  • This format will apply to Discord Reports:
Discord Name and ID:Rule:Evidence:

We do have some rule and requirements that you do need to follow when making a report, not following them may result as an instant denial.
General Reporting Requirements:
  • The player's username must be visible at all times.
  • The evidence must not be downloaded from anywhere.
  • Evidence must not be older than one week.
  • Do not submit evidence that you have not captured.
Screenshots Reporting Requirements:
  • You must not crop any of the evidence, we must be able to see the scoreboard, the hotbar and the chat.
Video Reporting Requirements:
  • If your evidence is over 2 minutes, you must add time-stamps on the report. 
  • Your evidence must not be edited and it should not have any audio on it.
  • It cannot be recorded with a mod known as "Replay"
  • You have to use a proper screen recorder, you cannot use an iPad or an External Camera to record the evidence.

Making a report can actually be very simple, and it really depends on if you're used to it or not. In order to make a report, you will need to have a Forums Account otherwise it will not work. If you have any issues on setting an account up, please let a staff member know and they will be able to help you out.

If you are going ahead to make a Forums Report on a player, you need to find the exact post that they broke the rule on it. It cannot be the thread, and it has to be the player that broke the rules post, this is important as if you find the wrong post you will report the wrong player which could result as warning points for Abusing the reports system (1 warning point).

Once you've found the post that you want to report, go ahead and click on the Exclamation Mark which is the Report Button at the top right of the post. Once you've clicked on the button, this will appear:

At the top of the Report, you are able to review the content that you are reporting so that you are definitely sure that you are reporting the correct person - which we highly recommend that you do. Make sure to specify in the Report Reason the exact reason what you are reporting them for; try not to go off topic. We suggest that you just keep it to the rules stated on the rules page like "Necro Posting (Revived a 1 year old thread.)". Putting any extra additional information will help us in the long run. Once you've reported it, you will receive an Alert on the forums mentioning that the report was closed and you will receive a message from a staff member mentioning if it was Accepted or Denied.

Discord Reports are different from Forum Reports, and you make a report here. When you make the report, make sure to use the format that is above. Once you have submitted it, it will stay in the report forum for a month. It should get answered within half a day at the most and you will receive an Alert on the forums when it gets answered. To take evidence for discord; you will need a screenshot program or a video software (dependent on what rule they broke)

If the rule was broken in a voice channel, you will have to use a Screen Recorder and record them breaking the rule in the channel. If your report was in-game and it was a chat offense, you would need screenshot; if it was a gameplay offense you would need to record it. After that, upload the evidence on YouTube and set the privacy as Public or Unlisted. Please do not set it as private otherwise we won't be able to review the evidence and therefore your report will get denied. 

Free/Paid Recording Softwares:
Bandicam - FREE
Fraps - FREE
Nvidia Shadowplay - FREE
Action! - P​AID

Free Screenshotting Softwares:

Screenshotting Uploaders:

Gyazo (Gyazo automatically uploads it for you when you take the screenshot)

Got any questions? Let us know!
- toxic13d -